As part of my efforts to help people to build greener and reduce their need for fossil fuels, I have released the first part of my book for free via my home page . The intent behind this is to empower consumers to make the right decisions to the highest degree possible.

If you would like to republish articles from my blog or content from the free version of my ebook “How to Future Proof Your Home: A Guide to Building with Energy Intelligence in Cold Climates”,  please contact me via the Contact Us link and leave me your information. You can also call me at (306)261-8846 to discuss interview opportunities.


Watch an interview I did on CTV Morning Saskatoon in January of 2014.



Interview on LIT Happens (Shaw Saskatoon):


Radio interview on CBC North Whitehorse:

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Learn about solar homes, energy efficiency, building green, moving away from fossil fuels and how to protect your biggest investment.

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