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Introducing the service for Innovators and Leaders. Our goal is to educate and guide customers to your business by leveraging the power of professionals like you in the Green Building movement.

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My name is Shane Wolffe and I created FutureProofMyBuilding.com because I too am a professional in the construction industry who has been working to make things better. While working as a commissioning agent and saving my clients many times my fees, it puzzled me that what I was doing is still a fringe activity in the construction industry. I also noticed that some of the most innovative colleagues that I know were not having the success that they should selling services such as solar installation, LED lighting, LEED consulting, thermography, energy auditing, combined heat and power solutions, LEED, R2000 buildings etc. I asked myself why such valuable and sustainable options are not more widely implemented and utilized in new construction and even in renovations. It occurred to me that people’s attitudes and decisions are slow to change, and since there is so much happening now in the sustainable construction industry, it is often difficult for fringe activities to be noticed both by the public, by contractors and developers alike. But what if there was a service that provided strength in numbers that could also guide customers and remove the traditional roadblocks associated with building green? What if I could leverage my professional knowledge and expertise to simplify this confusing field for customers? What if a community of innovative organizations and businesses could work together to make it easier for customers to make the right decisions that meet their current needs while benefiting our planet and economy? What if people could understand that there is a better way to do things that can save them money, improve their comfort and safety, and be healthy for them while providing high paying local jobs in all municipalities? This is the inspiration for creating FutureProofMyBuilding.com.

I understand that people need to be inspired and have a starting point or background in order to take action. This is why I started this vision by interviewing Dr. Rob Dumont, one of the founders of sustainable building and the Passivhaus movement. I then used his 40 years of knowledge to write a book that simplifies green building principles for home owners, and offer half of that book for free. This is a starting point. But now it’s important to know who does what, and where they do it so that my team and I can make it easier for them to provide a more valuable, higher efficiency, more sustainable building with their services. This is what our beta version of the service accomplishes.

With that we are happy to announce that a beta version of our service is up and running. To celebrate we want to give your company a FREE listing with the service (Subject to approval and available for a limited time). To get a FREE listing please leave your name, email address and company name in the form on the right side of this page so that I can send you valuable updates as we move forward. Then simply click on the register button below and create an account. We’ve made it very intuitive so that you don’t have to spend a bunch of your valuable time learning how to sign in and create an account. You can check out the video above to see a quick demonstration of how to create an account and learn more about what we are doing to make it easier for you to sell your products and services that make the world a better place.

To learn more about the services that we are currently listing and promoting, check out our services page. We’ve designed the service to be easily configurable so if you have any suggestions of services or products to list, please fill out our survey or leave a comment in our beta version page.

The next steps in this mission involve using this service to help remove the roadblocks traditionally associated with building above and beyond the minimum standards. If you think that’s a great idea, we could use some help.

Let’s consciously build a more sustainable society for our children.

Here’s to making our buildings and our society Future Proof™.