What is Future Proof My Building.com?

“Future Proof My Building” is a community of corporations, service providers, builders and citizens that want to have a role in creating a sustainable future. We are creating a venue that will allow people to shape our world through information, Future Proof™ infrastructure, a network of sustainable building experts, and most importantly informed consumers.

In our modern age marketing rules our imaginations, but we want to make science and reason the tools for decision making.

We believe in radical transparency and seek to make decision making easier for you by providing you with more than just the hype.

Why Future Proof My Building?

The world is changing faster than at any time in history, much faster than any human can comprehend. This growth can lead to greater prosperity as we adapt to our changing world.

Practical, proven knowledge and new technologies are coming online that have the potential to free us from our societal dependence on unsustainable forms of energy and growth. People have a great desire to know about these opportunities, find them easily, and be able to implement without deterrents. This is what we aim to provide.

What is Future Proof My Building?

We aim to create a hub on the Internet that will empower citizens to both learn about and connect with the products, service providers, money and tools that are required in order to individually and collectively create a more sustainable world. Think of a collaborative community for construction projects, where information, forward thinking and cooperation are the keys to productive growth.

How to participate with Future Proof My Building?

Companies promoting a product or offering a service relating to green building or energy efficiency have the opportunity to register with the service for a low cost fee (currently free). Providers and products will be listed in a local directory that is easily accessed by citizens. Rebate programs, grant providers, participating lending institutions and citizen groups will be able to post on the service in order to communicate the availability of funds and opportunities for sustainable projects. As the service grows, connections will be created and relayed to community members to make the process of implementing sustainability even easier.

By facilitating the necessary education and providing access to the resources needed to take action in one place, the roadblocks and headaches associated with meaningful progress disolve.

The beta version is a provider listing where service providers are able to:

  1. Create a username and password in order to log into the service.
  2. List their sustainability company for FREE (for a limited time).
  3. Enter their basic information i.e. location, phone number, website, service area.
  4. Choose from the list of services provided and provide a description of the company. Professions have been broken down into subcategories to demonstrate specialty work. A list of the provider types is here.
  5. Once the listing is approved it will be displayed at the web address www.FutureProofMyBuilding.com/products_services
  6. Support positive change in the world through participation in the service.

As a participant in FutureProofMyBuilding.com we ask that you:

  1. Provide us with feedback by completing our survey so that we can optimize the service as we grow.
  2. Help your customers make a more sustainable decision by directing them to the free ebook at www.FutureProofMyBuilding.com/
  3. Demonstrate your participation in the community by linking to us on your website.
  4. Tell your colleagues in the green building industry about us so that they can participate.


There is strength in numbers which can be harnessed to bring exposure to all of the jobs in the new economy.


Let’s work together and consciously build a sustainable society for our children.



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Learn about solar homes, energy efficiency, building green, moving away from fossil fuels and how to protect your biggest investment. www.FutureProofMyBuilding.com

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